Why use Builda Price?

Builda Price is a system you can trust. Designed from the ground up specifically for builders by a Kiwi duo with a combined 60 years experience in the NZ construction industry. With this comes a passion to help the building industry remain profitable and sustainable. 

Builda Price Pricing and Back-costing software is a complete pricing package made for Kiwi builders. It becomes the “Builder’s Bible”. The more that the software is used, the better the job quoting accuracy becomes.




Accuracy, Speed and Efficiency is achieved with the smart systems that Builda Price provides. Labour costs are generated by the program and then compared to the builder’s own estimate, improving the accuracy in builders’ high risk area of labour allocation. Flesh out the remainder of the job through the use of our simple templates and overheads calculators. Within an hour or two an entire job can be accurately costed start to finish. With Builda Price at your side you can price jobs with confidence, knowing exactly where your break-even point lies.



Keep on top of your build with the Builda Price Backcoster. Import jobs directly from the pricing program and compare estimated budgets with actual costs as they arise in real time. Back-costing will help you maintain profitability and creates an accurate record of costs for use when pricing future jobs. Supplier invoices can be imported and assigned to the appropriate job and work section, thereby maintaining the utmost simplicity and transparency when compared to estimated costs vs actual.


This simple yet powerful tool allows builders to track their progress against estimated man hours and expenditures on each job. Builders can quickly log hours on the go using the app that automatically feeds back into the Builda Price Backcoster. Stay in control of your project as app data is used to track expected cost and job progress against actuals in real time.


Builda Price integrates with all major Merchants, Xero, and Crystal Payroll - and we're building more everyday.

Great Support

Our NZ based support team is ready to make sure you're comfortable using our software - at no extra cost. We're only a phone call or email away.

Builda Price is the only pricing program that links directly with your materials supplier allowing you to import an entire Schedule of Quantities at the touch of a button, against which the software accurately allocates man hours. Simply enter your hourly charge out rate to calculate the value.

  • Understand your true costs
  • Reduces time pricing projects
  • Quickly compare the program generated labour allowance with your own labour estimate to build each task
  • The program becomes your bible of costs for your business
  • BuildaPrice software allows a transparent way to display real costs to the customer in a manner they are able to understand
  • New Zealand made. Have an issue, query or request? Speak with real Kiwi construction professionals by phone or email.
  • Cost effective. Increased profits and reduced costs are winning formulas that have been experienced by builders
  • A very reasonable monthly fee
  • Step by step pricing process reduces the risk of missing something out
  • Labour is priced quickly and with ease
  • Cloud based
  • An excellent tool to negotiate contracts


I am now using Builda Price and have just run a million dollar alteration through the system. I spent little more than two hours with Alan, followed up with a few phone calls, I believe I now have the system mastered. The software is simple to use and a breeze to make adjustments to quantities if you feel it’s needed. The training is easy, even if you are a bit slow on the computer uptake. Alan offers great support, only a phone call away.

I would highly recommend Builda Price to anyone who would like to reduce the time spent quoting jobs and more so, reduce the risk of under quoting labour especially when pricing alterations.
Scott Crook
Construction One
I have been using builda price now for 12 months. It has improved my estimation process 100% What I love is the amount of detail I can provide to a prospective client. It provides a complete itemised breakdown of the materials and labour provided for a building project. It also includes preliminary and general costs. Items I was not even aware I should have been charging out.

Builda price is easy to use. And saves a lot of time. The ongoing support and training Alan and his team provide are amazing. I would highly recommend Build price to all Members of Certified Builders Association who want an efficient accurate pricing tool.
Jeremy Cox
JDC Builders Limited
Alan McQuarters introduced me to the Buildaprice software back in February 2013. It was at this early point I was sold on its value. Anyone can cost accurately the materials in a job given enough time. Like most I did not have a lot of time to cost a job and was happy to outsource this work for a small fee. The key added value for me was the software’s ability to determine how many construction hours are going to be required on a job. This happened quickly and with little input from me. This information could then be used by our project managers to create construction plans and order materials.

Over the past few months, I have seen the software evolve to add “Notice to tenderers” functionality and a vast number of useful templates of “stuff that we all forget about but will need”. I am genuinely excited about additional improvements over the coming months.

Builda price is now an integral part of our business model. It has given us more cost certainty on the labour variable we all seek to manage. It allowed us to centralize all our costing activities. But more importantly, it allows us to get out of the office to build and sell buildings with confidence knowing our costing’s are right every time.
Pete Bevington
Letts Construction
I have been using Alan’s Builda price Programme for the last 2 years and found it to be a valuable asset to my Company. It has allowed us to do a more accurate costing on our labour content on the job, which up until using the programme, was very much guess work.

I have found the programme simple and easy to use and a good tool to give a printout to my workers onsite as a progress chart expected of them. The programme has saved me from under pricing work and therefore making no money. It also helped me to get jobs by presenting my labour to the client in a transparent way, that is fair and reasonable.

I think this programme is a valuable tool to my Company as there is no future in under pricing jobs and with the market the way it is, we cannot get away with allowing too much labour.

The programme allows me to do a more accurate costing of our labour and allows us to follow progress throughout the job.
Shane Taylor
Taylormade Builders

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